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Letters  From Our Friends
Letters from families and friends mean the world to us. We here share some favorites with you ...


“Thank you so much for your notes. . . .
I was very touched that you are still all thinking of me.”

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“You are the most wonderful people that we have ever met.”

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“ ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem to be enough but I am truly grateful for all your help. God bless you each.”

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“The offer of support – mental and emotional –
has meant more to me than I can express.”

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“We cannot begin to thank you enough for the compassion, comfort, dignity,
and professionalism which you all showed in helping
Mom and our family in this time of need.”

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“Your team was so committed to the benefit and comfort of my sister.”

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“Thank you all. I pray for all you lovely ladies that helped me get through this.”

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"You were a Godsend to us, and we will forever
remember your care, concern, and help."

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"Thank you for all the magnificent work that you do in helping so many families and patients who need you."

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"I send my never-ending gratitude for all you did to make a difficult three months easier. The encouragement, counseling, and comfort were wonderful. Thank you doesn't say enough."

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"My Aunt, who is also my godmother, has shared many wonderful stories about East End Hospice. When my Mom was in a hospice in Ocala, Florida, hospice was our strength. I've never witnessed such care and compassion. Our family can not say enough for these angels.  Please accept this donation in memory of my Mom."

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"Your warmth and under-standing helped my brother and me for the last months of his life and brought us closer together. Thank you for everything."

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"We all agree, you are an exceptional group of professionals." 
"I felt assured that the very best care was being given to my
husband during those days.  Hospice put my mind at ease." 
"Thank you for all your help and sensitivity.
We felt comforted to know that Hospice was there for our family."

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Your response to our needs was overwhelming. You were supportive and caring at a time that was extremely difficult for all of us. A heavy weight was lifted from our shoulders upon your arrival, and your knowledge and experience helped to prepare us for the inevitable. You have our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Please accept my deepest thanks for everything you did for me.
Without your incredible help one wondered how we would have coped.
I will be grateful to you forever.

Our deepest and warmest thank you for the home care given to our beloved father. Your care was so affectionate and personal he felt as if it was us ministering to him. At no time was his dignity demeaned or his comfort lessened. He died peacefully. It is for sure that your knowledge, expertise, and sincere feelings are God touched.

Our heartfelt thanks for all the help you gave our Mom. Heaven holds a special place for all of you, especially for your support and patience. Mom could not have passed on in such peace and with such dignity without your help. We will always be grateful.

The words " Thank you" are so inadequate for expressing our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at East End Hospice. Your ability to offer calm and reassurance in life's darkest hours is a gift bestowed upon you by God. Your kindness while going through our painful ordeal is a gift of your hearts. We are truly honored to have been cared for by such wonderful people.

There is no doubt in our minds what makes life worthwhile. It's the spirit of love in a hug and a smile, and the care that you give when things get so bad you can't think anymore because things are so sad. East End Hospice was there through all of the grieving - helping hearts mend. You don't even realize you've all earned your wings and continue to do such wonderful things. We wish you all strength in all that you do. From the bottom of our hearts we truly thank you.

Hospice is such a necessary organization. Your help, described in words, can never fully convey the comfort that it provided. You are all extremely special.

"I will never forget the loving care you all gave my sister the last few
weeks of her life. I remember your faces and all the smiles, hugs and loving
care you gave with such warmth."

"I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am of the warm, loving,
and professional care administered to my friend. She left this
world in peace and dignity - which was, in no small part, due to
your thoughtful care."

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"Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude for all of the people
who have helped us get through the toughest time of my life . . .
What a gift you are on this earth."

"Thank you to all of your caring staff for the many families you have
helped survive their hours of pain and confusion."

"Thank you for your excellent care. You made it possible for the last
days with our friend to pass with dignity."

"To all the staff at East End Hospice, my dearest gratitude for the
tender, loving care you extended to my dear sister during
her recent terminal illness."

"Thank you for being there to answer our many questions, hold
our hands, and share our joys and sorrows."

"I did not realize the support I needed, at the end of my husband's
passing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will remember
you all in my prayers."

"I can't imagine a more difficult profession than that which your
staff has chosen. You are indeed very special people."

"Our heartfelt thanks for your love and support through my
husband's illness and death. Your friendship, your encouragement,
your kind and compassionate care all are appreciated more
than we can ever say.."

"We never wanted to get to the point where we needed hospice care
for our daughter, but it did get to that point. That she received comfort
when she needed it, and liked the nurses, made it easier."

"Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I will keep you
in my prayers . . ."

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