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East End Hospice and East End Food Institute Partner to Provide Healthy Meals

East End Hospice is collaborating with East End Food Institute to bring local, healthy produce and food products to hospice employees each month. The initiative was brought to life by Mary Crosby and Kate Fullam, the leaders of each organization, to promote wellness among caregivers while also supporting a thriving local food economy. “Our dedicated… more

Frequently asked questions

Love to know more about Hospice Care?… Learn more here.

We are here to help patients and loved ones understand hospice care and the support services available. The East End Hospice care team can help ensure that our patients’ end-of-life wishes are honored and give patients, caregivers and families, the support they need. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions: Who… more

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East End Hospice Bereavement Groups Forming

Upcoming East End Hospice Zinberg Family Bereavement Center Bereavement Groups Forming, click on one of the below links to learn more. Please call 631.288.1546 to register.  UPCOMING BEREAVEMENT GROUPS FOR ADULTS Young Adults Bereavement Group Ages 18-26 -NEW GROUP Loss of Spouse, General Bereavement Group and Spanish Language Groups Forming Equine General Bereavement Group Equine… more

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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Paula Palumbo “One of the first times I worked at the Kanas Center, a patient told me he loved to sing, and he began to sing a song that was played the night he and his wife were married. I sang along with him, and we both really enjoyed the experience. A… more