Kanas Center for Hospice Care


    • Hello Ms. Kidd
      There are no set visiting hours, you are allowed to come anytime. Here is the phone number if you would like to speak to someone.
      631.288.8100 at the Kanas Center.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

  1. I hear it’s a wonderful place, and it sure kooks like it. I will be going there on my days off to visit.

  2. Hi Ms. Consi
    Its Chrissy
    Please call Theresa Samot at 631.288.8400
    She can help you

  3. This facility is gorgeous and the staff are wonderful people. My father spent his last few days there and my whole family were very impressed. Its beautiful, peaceful, comforting, and yes it feels like home. Staff was kind and considerate, attentive but not intrusive. I highly recommend it to anyone faced with such a heartbreaking situation. Design-wise, they thought of everything.

  4. I was there this evening visiting a loved one, and I was truly blown away by the beauty of this establishment. This is a state of the art facility and it truly has a peaceful feeling surrounding you when you are there. The suites are very comfortable and the views to their beautifully landscaped property was a very calming feeing. Thank you.

  5. My father was lovingly cared for at the beautiful and serene Kanas Center. He died peacefully last night under the attentive care of the Hospice nurses. We are grateful to Catherine, Brandi, Farrah, and the other Hospice faculty for their kindness and love during my Dad’s final hours. Chrissy, thank you so much for all you do to offer peace and comfort for so many patients and their families on the East End.

  6. Calming, peaceful, serene,spotless. They thought of everything. Thank you to everyone there, right down to the volunteer for bieing so kind to us and our mothers final resting days.

  7. I hear Elizabeth Pedersen is getting wonderful care. Makes me so pleased that she has ended up with such caring staff in this serene and well-planned environment. It is a beautiful building in a lovely garden, the best combination. I am glad such places exists and hope the philosophy spreads to inspire more communities of such grace.

  8. My husband Scotty was there and so was I due too issues at home ( redoing the floors and etc, so he could come home to stay without the dust, workmen having to work inside the home, where his area was being completed on the first floor) and the place was wonderful to both of us.
    All his needs were taken care and as for myself a breather from not having to be constantly on duty as this was being done by the staff, nurses aides, volunteer help and also getting a good night sleep without having to sleep with one eye open.
    I can never say enough about the place, its beautiful inside and out and everyone is there for us.
    I just wish I could repay by helping out, volunteering,but its too far away to travel, need another one closer to the East Hampton area. ::) 🙂

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