Kanas Center for Hospice Care


    • Hello Ms. Kidd
      There are no set visiting hours, you are allowed to come anytime. Here is the phone number if you would like to speak to someone.
      631.288.8100 at the Kanas Center.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

  1. I hear it’s a wonderful place, and it sure kooks like it. I will be going there on my days off to visit.

  2. This facility is gorgeous and the staff are wonderful people. My father spent his last few days there and my whole family were very impressed. Its beautiful, peaceful, comforting, and yes it feels like home. Staff was kind and considerate, attentive but not intrusive. I highly recommend it to anyone faced with such a heartbreaking situation. Design-wise, they thought of everything.

  3. I was there this evening visiting a loved one, and I was truly blown away by the beauty of this establishment. This is a state of the art facility and it truly has a peaceful feeling surrounding you when you are there. The suites are very comfortable and the views to their beautifully landscaped property was a very calming feeing. Thank you.

  4. My father was lovingly cared for at the beautiful and serene Kanas Center. He died peacefully last night under the attentive care of the Hospice nurses. We are grateful to Catherine, Brandi, Farrah, and the other Hospice faculty for their kindness and love during my Dad’s final hours. Chrissy, thank you so much for all you do to offer peace and comfort for so many patients and their families on the East End.

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