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Camp Good Grief will be held July 20-23, 2020 at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck in Center Moriches. The number of campers will be limited and the NYS Guidelines for Day Camps will be strictly followed. Please read below on some of the changes to expect and the registration process.  We’re so excited to see you! 


Dear Camper,

Welcome to Camp Good Grief! We are so excited for you to be a part of this incredible experience. I know some of you are worried about what to expect at Camp this year given the COVID-19 pandemic, so I wanted to give you a brief outline of some of the changes.


Specifically, you can expect the following changes (please read carefully):

  1. Campers must reside in Suffolk County and priority will be given to first time campers.
  2. Camp will be four days from July 20-23rd. Sadly, Family Day is not possible under the guidelines.
  3. Campers will be dropped off at staggered times to allow for screening upon arrival.
  4. There will be no bus transportation.
  5. The screening will involve taking each person’s temperature (on the forehead) followed by a short questionnaire. This will be done with every person participating in camp every day.
  6. Anyone with a temperature above 99.9F or who answers yes to any of the screening questions, will be sent home for the day.
  7. Adults and Youth Volunteers will always be required to wear face coverings.
  8. Campers are not required to wear masks at all.
  9. The pool will be closed. This is because Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck is closed for the season.
  10. Campers will remain in their small groups for the majority of the day, mixing of groups will be very limited to avoid increased exposure.
  11. Lunch will be provided in a pre-packaged form except for Pizza Day.
  12. Cleaning and disinfecting of shared items and surface areas, as well as handwashing, will take place between all activities.

To help us keep everyone safe, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date.
  2. Get clearance from your healthcare provider to participate in Camp. For campers, this means a medical release from no earlier than April 1st and no later than July 15th.
  3. If you are sick or someone in your household is sick, stay home to protect your fellow campers.
  4. GET EXCITED! Despite these changes, Camp Good Grief will be filled with meaningful activities, extensive therapy, and most importantly, lots of FUN!

Registration is open until June 26. Click on this link to register:!/home/auth/login?r=eastend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 631-288-8400 or email Dina DiFolco at We look forward. 

Thank you!

Angela Byrns, LCSW

Camp Good Grief Director

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