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Meet Betty Duran, LMSW

East End Hospice has been a dream workplace. Every employee has each patient’s and loved one’s best interests in mind, and deeply commits to providing compassionate and thoughtful care. EEH has restored my faith in client centered medical care. Care teams know their patients, the families, and sit and really listen to the patient’s needs.
My background is in mental health. I previously worked at a mental health clinic and doing in home therapy for primarily Spanish speaking families. I was originally drawn to East End Hospice as a volunteer and completed the trainings at the beginning of the pandemic. I have always believed in the hospice mission and philosophy and sought a master’s in social work in order to be able to provide care and support to patients and families.
The most rewarding part of my job is facilitating hard conversations with families and patients. Death and dying is difficult to discuss, often uncomfortable and taboo, which does not change when it’s a close loved one. I meet families where they are, which is a core component of patient care, and assist with gently navigating conversations about advanced directives, discord, and fears of death and worries about grief.
I wish more people understood that hospice is a major layer of support added to the family. Our goal is to provide patients with comfort and support from a care team that will ensure their needs are met. Hospice allows the patient to be in charge of their care, we are truly patient centered
When she is not helping our patient families, Betty enjoys spending her free time with her husband, family, and friends. She also has ridiculously cute Shiba Inu puppy, named Mocha, and loves to take her to the dog park. Betty also enjoys traveling and cooking for her family and friends.
Betty will launch EEH’s first Spanish speaking bereavement group in April and was featured recently in the Southampton Press. Thank you, Betty, for supporting our patients and families as well as grieving individuals and families in our community.