Blog EEH Celebrates Social Workers Month

EEH stands out among hospices for striving to include a social worker at every admission. While the nurse assesses medications and physical symptoms, the social worker provides emotional support to our patients and their families. Navigating end-of-life has many challenges, but our dedicated social workers assess each family’s needs to determine their end-of-life goals and how the EEH team can best assist them. 

Our expert social workers address our patients’ and families’ complex needs and help them adjust, cope, and plan for the journey ahead. This can be achieved by being present for difficult and complex conversations as well as assisting with concrete community resources. A social worker can help normalize challenging circumstances and work alongside families. With help from our social workers, many comment that a weight has been lifted. The changes and pressures accompanying terminal illness can magnify everyone’s emotions, and having a skilled professional present can alleviate some of the stressors. EEH social workers do their best to help while patients are under hospice care and beyond.

This professional and compassionate work with patient families often continues for months after the death of a loved one. Hospice social workers provide bereavement counseling services to families throughout the grieving process and can assist with connecting them to other helpful resources when needed. In addition to working with patient families, EEH social workers also extend their care to our Eastern Long Island community members, organizations, schools, adults, teens and children when grieving the death of a loved one. Over the decades, we have developed a top team of crisis grief specialists who respond to accidents, sudden deaths, or tragic events at schools, businesses, and communities.

Let’s take a moment to recognize our fantastic team of social workers here at East End Hospice. In a world of increasing stress and anxiety, they are the carriers of light and peace- bringing comfort to our patients, caregivers, and grieving families and staff. We are honored to have them on our team – this month and every month!