Hospice Care At Home

The Care You Need In Your Home

When you or someone you love is ready for Hospice, patient care begins with an individualized plan. This plan, which we create with patients and their families, reflects the patient’s needs, wishes, values and beliefs. It addresses everything from the type of medical attention the patient receives, to visits from loved ones. As priorities change, so does the plan. East End Hospice focuses on one goal: to bring the utmost comfort, physically and emotionally, to patients and their loved ones at home.

A Compassionate Team

Our compassionate team of healthcare professionals includes a physician, nurses (LPNs and RNs), hospice aides, social workers, and spiritual and bereavement counselors.  All are fully trained and specialize in end-of-life care.  Volunteers are also a valued part of the team.

Physicians and nurses manage pain and physical symptoms. Hospice Aides tend to personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. Social workers look after emotional needs, helping patients with feelings of fear and anxiety, or communication issues with family. They also assist with practical matters, such as insurance benefits and final arrangements. Spiritual counselors provide spiritual care. They may share moments of quiet reflection, guide patients on difficult decisions, or put them in touch with their priest, minister or rabbi. Like most hospices, East End Hospice is multi-denominational: and respects all religious affiliations. Bereavement staff prepare families and friends for the loss of their loved ones, and provide grief counseling.

Volunteers visit with patients, lending companionship and support. They also help with simple caregiving tasks, such as feeding and personal care.  In the home, volunteers may run errands, transport family members, or do light housekeeping chores. Members of the EEH caregiving team collaborate and share information. As part of this effort, patient care conferences are held weekly.

Learn about our team below:

Day in the Life of an East End Hospice Nurse

Day in the Life of an East End Hospice Social Worker

Day in the Life of an East End Hospice Aide

We Want Your Loved One At Home

  • Assist family caregivers in learning how to care for the day-to-day needs of their loved one.
  • Provide hospice aides to provide showers/baths or other personal care for your
    loved one.
  • Carefully monitor your loved one’s condition so we can help before any crisis
    may arise.
  • Offer friendly volunteer visitors so caregivers can get some respite away from the home for a few hours. If your loved one is in a nursing home or extended care facility, we collaborate with facility staff to enhance his or her quality of life.
  • Work collaboratively with facility staff to ensure pain and symptom management.
  • Provide emotional, spiritual and social support to patient family members.
  • Arrange for extra nursing, social work and chaplain visits to your loved one at the facility to enhance quality of life. Other healthcare professionals, such as occupational respiratory, speech therapists, may also provide services to your loved one.
  • Deliver extra equipment, when needed.