Hospice Care Palliative Care

Relieving pain and improving quality of life

For people living with serious illnesses, Hospice provides palliative care to relieve pain and other symptoms and to improve comfort and quality of life.

Palliative care consists of symptom treatment, emotional support and spiritual support, all of which help ease the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by a serious illness.

At East End Hospice, palliative care focuses on relieving your pain and symptoms through medications and integrated therapies that nurture your body as well as your soul.

If you are living with a chronic condition or have been diagnosed with a serious illness that has not yet reached an advanced stage, our palliative teams may help you find the comfort you need to carry on with your daily life. East End Hospice palliative care services are available to family and caregivers as well.

It’s not unusual to have questions or concerns when dealing with a serious illness. We realize those concerns don’t always come up according to someone else’s schedule. That’s why we’re here whenever you need us.